In celebration of World Industrial Design Day on 29 June 2010, we invite industrial designers from South Australia to participate in ‘Hung out to dry’. This event intends to raise the overall awareness of industrial design through the understanding of our discipline.

To demonstrate how industrial designers can solve social and environmental issues, local industrial designers and industrial design firms have been invited to design coat hangers made from recycled material.

We are asking aspiring South Australian industrial designers to be part of this show. A small number of allocated positions have been made available for the right candidates; this creates a unique opportunity to be able to have your work displayed alongside well known designers.


"Industrial Design: Humane solutions for a resilient world" is the 2010 global theme for World Industrial Design Day. ‘Hung out to dry’ is a platform to stimulate discussion of this theme and the importance of improving the understanding of industrial design.


‘To demonstrate the creative, imaginative and original use of recycled material in the design of a coat hanger’

All entries should show evidence of the following
- Recycled material as an integral component of the design
- Clear design resolution
- Finalised design
- Innovative or creative approach to incorporating some aspect of thinking around social and environmental responsibility within the design and/or design application

The judging will be based in these categories

- 1:1 final solution of the product
- Written statement – no more than 200 words
- Two clear photographs of the design

While a finalised 1:1 product is required to enter, the physical product will only be used on the night if you are a successful candidate, digital submission is only required for entrance. Models are to be displayed clearly. Photographs are to be of high quality and shot on a white background. Minimum 100mm x 100mm @ 300dpi, maximum 1 Mb file size.

Each submission must be titled and be supported by a statement (no more than 200 words) explaining the background and/or inspiration for the work.

More than one entry may be submitted by any person or group

Please be aware that the submission deadline is less than 3 weeks away, this event is intended as an opportunity to do something 'off the cuff' and expressive - but in a short amount of time.


Closing: 27/06/10 Sunday 12pm
Digital Submission:
- winners will be contacted on 28/06/10 Monday

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